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The founder of the Chuan Fa Hung Choy Pai was Holger Willems. He acquired his training in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and USA by several masters ( Bradwolf, Buck Sam Kong, Baklayan, Shen Hung Xun, Kong Mien Ho, J. Pommier ).

The lessons start and end with a bow and a salute. The bowing is an expression of thanks to all the teachers and forefathers whose hard work and creativity have contributed to our martial arts. The salutation is a sign of respect meant for those who are saluted.

The exercise room ( kwoon in Chines ) is a place to learn. Training exists of warming-up, stretching, condition-, strength exercises, handforms, and -techniques, kicking, semi-contact fights, training with pad's, self-defense and practicing with Chinese weapons.

In our school we are trained in three different groups:
Group I : beginners
Group II : from fifth Tuan
Group III : from seventh Tuan

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